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Heather (also known as “Lulu”) is a 21 year old female who resides in Missouri and Florida. An International Studies major and Japanese Language minor at USF (a school she despises with every fiber of her being) in Tampa, Florida. She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and is a Sagittarius/Tiger. Writes with her left-hand.

Enjoys: Anime (of course), metrosexuals, playing Pokemon: Pearl on her DS, coffee, sleeping, makeup, web/graphic design, traveling, forcing her Jii-jii to listen to her anime rantings, the search for a hibiscus bush of her liking.

Dislikes: Emo and pessimistic kids, girls, her laptop with its 24gig hard-drive, dubbing, traffic, snow-birds, hot weather, dogs, horses, escalators, grammar mistakes.

Note to the Masses: No, I won’t be doing reviews on EVERY SINGLE anime episode I see. Usually it’ll be a series-completion review or perhaps if I really liked a particular episode I’ll post about it. Beware of my bishounen otaku-ness. Oh and I’ll mostly be posting about: Anime series/certain episodes, anime magazines, games based on anime, manga, etc. Basically anything related to anime - you’ll get from me ^_~b.

Käyhän että tuon kannettavani saunaan?