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Well, it’s the new spring season for anime and one of the new titles, “Itazura na Kiss” debuted the other day. It is based on the manga series of the same name and is everyone’s favorite genre: SHOUJO!

I haven’t read the manga, so I wasn’t really spoilered or comparing it. I actually liked the first episode - and it has a lot to live up to since I’m a major shoujo fan.Classic story of the dumb, not-so-popular girl (Kotoko) having a crush on the popular, attractive, emotionally unavailable guy (Naoki). Yes, it’s cliche - but it is still enjoyable. It starts out with Kotoko being rejected by Naoki when she tries to give him a love letter. She is of course, crushed, and most of the episode is her gang-looking friend threatening Naoki and the others trying to cheer her up. They end up at her newly-built house, which ends up collapsing after a 2.0 earthquake (which, if you are not familiar with the Richter scale, is… QUITE small). They are taken in by one of her father’s friends - and if you couldn’t guess - her father’s friend is the father of none other than Naoki.

The art and voice acting were nicely done. I didn’t want to stab my eyes or ears out with a sharp object at any point in the episode. However, a few of Kotoko’s friends are… a bit homely looking, but I’ll let that pass.

The opening and ending are very good. ESPECIALLY THE ENDING. GO!GO!7188 is one of my favorite bands, so I was very excited to find out that they did the ending song. The single for “Kataomoi Fighter” will be coming out on May 28th, so I can’t wait to have my hands on the full song - and not just the one and a half minute anime version.

I haven’t given it a rating yet obviously, since I’ve only seen the one episode - but I’ll be watching to find out what happens next!