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Alright, I lied. You get my review for Genshiken a day late. With the OVAs finished and the second season coming in Fall (I believe…), hopefully you’ll find this review helpful in some way and pick up the first season - if you haven’t already.


8/10: Genshiken is one of those anime series that doesn’t really have a plot. It is about a group of college students who are in a club consisting basically of otakus and one member who is only there because her boyfriend is a member. I found it a refreshing series to watch. The situational comedy and parody of it all makes it unlike most series out there.


Genshiken opened my eyes to what the world of otakus could actually be like. I am probably now frightened and side with character Kasukabe Saki, but it made for a good laugh.

The animation and voice acting were done really well. I felt that each voice was fitted perfectly for the characters. If you enjoy comedy and parody genres, I suggest you check this one out definitely. Also, thanks go out to Luis for providing me with screen-caps since I was too lazy to dig out my CDs.