Itazura na Kiss

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This is a bit late, but better late than never right? Sure. Let’s go with that.

Anyways, the series is progressing nicely and it’s only the second episode! It gives me that feel good shoujo feeling I got when I watched Lovely Complex. In this episode, the relationship between Naoki and Kotoko is getting… a little bit better. And by a little bit better I mean she blackmails him (with photos his mother took when she dressed him up like a girl) into helping her study so she can crack the top 50 students list.

He of course has to agree on the condition that she gives him the photo after exams. The time they spend together induces a somewhat… civil relationship between the two in that they now actual speak to each other in school.
The civility all changes though when Kotoko’s friends find out that she’s living with Naoki and his family (this comes about by the “charm” that Naoki’s mother gives Kotoko - pictures of her and Naoki sleeping during a study session). The next day the entire school finds out - enraging Naoki. Hmm… will they be able to get back to the path of potential romance? Well of course, this is shoujo afterall.