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This is what extreme boredom gives me: after watching the first four episodes of Bleach about a year ago, then dropping it - i decide to pick it back up. I actually enjoyed it. So much in fact that I sped through 150-some odd episodes within a week. Of course this comes from the girl who also likes Naruto, Tokyo Majin, and Zombie-Loan.

However, during my marathoning of Ichigo being a whiny bitch, Urahara and Byakuya being epic, Rukia and Inoue being useless; I stumbled upon the subtle racism of Bleach! That’s right, Bleach hates Latinos.

ulquiorra, you’re gonna get deported!

In the story of Bleach there are the antagonists: Hollows. These ugly things are souls with unfinished business who wear masks. That look like bones. Or something. You’ll probably say: Show me the evidence of racism! Unless you yourself have in fact stumble upon this yourselves, in that case - i applaud you. But on to the evidence - The evidence that the creator of Bleach apparently believes that people of Spanish descent are evil.

  • The world of the Hollows is called: “Hueco Mundo“. Hueco in Spanish means hollow/hole and Mundo is world so basically…. Hollow World.

  • Espada. The hollows that are in the Espada are the top ten strongest. Then of course you have other Arrancar groups like Numeros, Fraccion, Privaron Espada, Exequias.

  • Menos are the hollows in which there are less of them… all have subgroups with Spanish names such as: Gillian, Adjuchas, Vasto Lordes. Not to mention the Arrancar.

  • The compound in which Aizen lives in is called Las Noches.

  • The theme for any one of the Arrancar during a fight is Spanish instrumental music.

  • Chad or Sado is of Mexican descent. Hey guess what? His power is that of a Hollow’s. I bet his “abuelo” never saw that coming. 

  • All of the Arrancar have Spanish names and their powers also use Spanish words (Cero anyone?).